Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lesson 3 Direction of Light, Diffusion, Diffraction and Using One Light

Examples of diffusion

What happens when a point source (like the sun or our Halogen Bulb) falls on a solid white sphere:
1. A highlight is created
2. A cast shadow is created
3. A core is created in the transition of the highlight and the shadow
4. A cast shadow is created
5. A specular or incident highlight is created with the highlight (it is the direct reflection of the light source)

The cube is tilted to reveal 3 sides equally. When a point source (our Halogen bulb) is placed over and as close to the camera lens as possible, all three sides reflect equally. When the light is moved to the left and up, the 3 sides reflect light in unequal ways and appear as 3 differentvalues

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